We’re on a mission…

To develop the best growing medium for efficient, local and sustainable horticulture. Why? Let us explain.

Technology is the future

Where does the future of horticulture lie? In high tech!

We’re in the middle of a time of transitions. The rapidly changing horticultural sector is no exception, as is more than evident in the growing interest in sustainability and precision cultivation. We’ve already noticed the consequences in the changing demand for growing media. In fact, demand in general for green products and healthy food will only increase in the coming years. If we want to produce more yet reduce our impact on the climate, people and the environment, we have to innovate.

Technology is the only solution.

The grower of the future is looking for substrates that perform better in sustainable, high-tech cultivation systems. That’s where the real challenge lies for those developing substrates. We want to develop that ultimate product right now, and not wait a moment longer.


We’re taking things a step further…

Our dream? We need to do something about the huge volumes we ship every day. There are more efficient solutions. What if we supplied a semi-finished product? And the automation needed so you could produce Nygaia on location? That would give you complete control
over shape and fibre density, and the amount you produce. You would exert complete control, and have access to fresh substrate at all time. Overproduction would no longer be an issue. It would also significantly reduce the number of transport movements. What an
impact that would have!

Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products are working hard on making this dream a reality. Our mission is to make sustainable, high-tech cultivation on an eco-friendly substrate solution possible. Our substrate is an ode to Mother Nature. We call her: Nygaia.

Our promise to growers:

More sustainable, more control

Stay informed

Join us on our adventure

We want to help make the horticultural sector more sustainable, scalable and clean. Maan Biobased Products and Klasmann-Deilmann are working hard on that dream. For all the latest about our journey, sign up for our news updates.

The developers


Leading the market by delivering what’s needed today and developing what’s needed tomorrow. We’re resolutely building on our lead by drawing on over a century of expertise in commercial horticulture, constantly looking for renewable sources, ground-breaking substrate mixtures, and innovative solutions. Due to our worldwide presence, we can soon make Nygaia available to any forward-thinking grower, anywhere in the world.

Maan Biobased Products

We look further where others give up, convinced that the better solution is waiting to be found. We are discoverers. Strengthened by our vast expertise in biobased and biodegradable materials, we foster cross-over innovations from prototype to process, to end product and production. The horticultural sector holds a special place in our hearts. Research & development today, to produce Nygaia tomorrow. We’re ready.